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 We are a paranormal research and investigation society based on Amelia Island, Florida. We investigate private cases locally and travel to well known haunted locations all over the United States in training and recreational ghost hunt events.
 We work primarily to help people with potential paranormal issues that may be negatively affecting their lives. Training, education, experience, and faith helps us do that safely.
Our help is always free of charge and we offer nothing for sale. Our members are all volunteers who donate their own time and money in our endeavors. All case information is kept confidential unless released by the client. We at AIPRI only conduct scientific based paranormal investigations. No ouija boards or occult items or practices are ever employed on our investigations. Facts and well documented physical evidence is what we seek. No head games, wild theories, or empty promises, only facts and honest observations and recommendations. Our investigators are trained to carefully consider and analyze all data gathered in case research. Psychology, spirituality, historical research, medical background, and logged scientific environmental data are just some of the factors considered in case analysis and evaluation. We do not summon spirits or attempt to conjure up any type of paranormal activity. We only document what already exists and try to help those affected find peace of mind. Nobody should live in fear in their own home or workplace. Ever.

           We are available for consultation or investigation scheduling by calling
                                  (904) 844-3205
                  or e-mail us at